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update todo

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......@@ -9,3 +9,4 @@ x 2016-01-03 compute kMeta(t) as well
x 2016-01-03 split library into core and extra @optimization +v1.0
x 2016-01-07 FFTW interpolator doesn't need its own field @optimization +v1.0 +particle_api
x 2016-01-08 simplify tracer/field addition mechanism @design +v1.0 +particle_api
x 2016-01-08 add stat choice parameter to add_particles @design +v1.0 +particle_api
(B) add stat choice parameter to add_particles @design +v1.0 +particle_api
(B) compute z polynomials only when needed @optimization +v1.0
(B) read @optimization @HDF5 +I/O
(B) set up mechanism for adding in new PDEs @design +v2.0 +alternate_algorithms
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