Commit 438f76dc authored by Cristian Lalescu's avatar Cristian Lalescu
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add more general checkpoint file name method

parent 2836c5b6
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...@@ -781,6 +781,10 @@ class DNS(_code): ...@@ -781,6 +781,10 @@ class DNS(_code):
return os.path.join( return os.path.join(
self.work_dir, self.work_dir,
self.simname + '_checkpoint_0.h5') self.simname + '_checkpoint_0.h5')
def get_checkpoint_fname(self, checkpoint = 0):
return os.path.join(
self.simname + '_checkpoint_{0}.h5'.format(checkpoint))
def generate_tracer_state( def generate_tracer_state(
self, self,
rseed = None, rseed = None,
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