Commit 8168bb89 authored by Pilar Cossio's avatar Pilar Cossio
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Allocation angles

parent b10ff0be
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ __device__ static inline void calProb(int iRefMap, int iOrient, int iConv, myflo
pProbMap.Total += exp(logpro - pProbMap.Constoadd);
printf("Separate Ptot: %f Const: %f logProb %f %f %f \n",pProbMap.Total,pProbMap.Constoadd,logpro,pProbMap.max.max_prob_norm,pProbMap.max.max_prob_mu);
// printf("Separate Ptot: %f Const: %f logProb %f %f %f \n",pProbMap.Total,pProbMap.Constoadd,logpro,pProbMap.max.max_prob_norm,pProbMap.max.max_prob_mu);
if (param.writeAngles)
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