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AREPO is a massively parallel code for gravitational n-body 
systems and hydrodynamics, both on Newtonian as well as 
cosmological background. It is a flexible code that can be 
applied to a variety of different types of simulations, offering 
a number of sophisticated simulation algorithms. An description 
of the numerical algorithms employed by the code is given in the 
original code papers (Springel 2010, MNRAS, 401, 791; 
Pakmor et al. 2011, MNRAS, 418, 1392; Pakmor and Springel 2013, 
MNRAS, 432, 176; Pakmor et al. 2016, MNRAS,455,1134) and the 
release paper of this version (Weinberger et al. 2019). 

A user guide can be found under `/documentation`, which also 
includes a 'getting started' section, which is recommended for 
new users. An html version of the user guide can be created using
sphinx ( by typing

    cd ./documentation/
    make html
and displayed by opening `./documentation/build/html/index.html`.

A full version of the user guide is also available on the Arepo