Commit 8320559a authored by Tom Dwelly's avatar Tom Dwelly
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add SDSSu panel

parent a929a081
......@@ -1549,7 +1549,8 @@ function setupStamps(ra, dec){
{'name': 'dss2', 'hips': 'CDS/P/DSS2/color'},
// {'name': 'nvss', 'hips': 'CDS/P/NVSS'},
{'name': 'ps1', 'hips': 'CDS/P/PanSTARRS/DR1/color-i-r-g'},
{'name': 'galex', 'hips': 'CDS/P/GALEXGR6/AIS/color'}];
{'name': 'galex', 'hips': 'CDS/P/GALEXGR6/AIS/color'},
{'name': 'sdssu', 'hips': 'CDS/P/SDSS9/u'} ];
for(var l=0; l<layers.length; l++){
var layer = layers[l];
var td = document.getElementById("thumb_panel_" + layer['name']);
......@@ -331,6 +331,7 @@
<!-- <th class="thumb">Chandra</th> -->
<th class="thumb">GALEX</th>
<th class="thumb">DSS2</th>
<th class="thumb">SDSS u</th>
<th class="thumb">SDSS gri</th>
<th class="thumb">PS1dr1 gri</th>
<th class="thumb">LSdr9 grz</th>
......@@ -347,6 +348,7 @@
<!-- <td class="thumb" id="thumb_panel_csc" ></td> -->
<td class="thumb" id="thumb_panel_galex"></td>
<td class="thumb" id="thumb_panel_dss2"></td>
<td class="thumb" id="thumb_panel_sdssu"></td>
<td class="thumb" id="thumb_panel_sdss"></td>
<td class="thumb" id="thumb_panel_ps1"></td>
<td class="thumb" id="thumb_panel_ls-dr9"></td>
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