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This is a lean fork of the findent located at:
This is a lean fork of the findent (indenter for fortran codes) located at:
The original project offers additional features e.g. GUI frontent, internal lexer and parser, and windows binaries.
findent: Indents/beautifies/converts Fortran sources.
Prints dependencies based on:
- definitions and uses of modules and submodules
- include, #include and ??include statements
Findent can emit a script that uses findent to
create a dependencies file for use in an Makefile.
findent: Indents/beautifies/converts Fortran sources. findent will remove trailing spaces and tabs, and convert
tabs at the start of a line into spaces.
- findent supports Fortran-66 up to Fortran-2018
- findent can convert from fixed form to free form and vice-versa
- findent honours cpp and coco preprocess statements
......@@ -25,17 +23,24 @@ Installation:
prerequisites: make, C++ compiler, lexical analyzer, language parser
$ cd findent/bin
edit Makefile to edit the prerequisites (if necessary):
edit makefile to change the prerequisites (if necessary):
C++ compiler, default: g++
lexical analyzer, default: flex
language parser, default: bison
$ make
Usage: $ findent -h
Examples: $ findent < in.f90 > out.f90
$ findent -i4 -Rr < in.f > out.f90
$ wfindent -i4 -Rr *.f
Findent reads from standard input and writes to standard output:
findent < in.f90 > out.f90
Examples: $ findent -h
display help
$ findent < in.f90 > out.f90
read the in.f90 indent and write to out.f90
$ findent -i2 < in.f > out.f90
indent each block with 2 spaces
(g)vim users:
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