Commit 3d10a54a authored by Pavel Kus's avatar Pavel Kus
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buffer size for Cannons algorithm can be set

parent d1af940e
......@@ -68,10 +68,7 @@
end if
if(use_cannon == 1) then
!TODO set the value properly
!TODO tunable parameter?
BuffLevelInt = 1
call self%get("cannon_buffer_size",BuffLevelInt,error)
call self%timer_start("cannons_reduction")
! BEWARE! even though tmp is output from the routine, it has to be zero on input!
tmp = 0.0_rck
......@@ -211,6 +211,9 @@ static const elpa_index_int_entry_t int_entries[] = {
INT_ENTRY("omp_threads", "OpenMP threads used in ELPA, default 1", 1, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_NOT_TUNABLE, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_DOMAIN_ANY,
omp_threads_cardinality, omp_threads_enumerate, omp_threads_is_valid, NULL),
INT_ENTRY("cannon_buffer_size", "Increasing the buffer size might make it faster, but costs memory", 0, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_NOT_TUNABLE, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_DOMAIN_ANY,
//cannon_buffer_size_cardinality, cannon_buffer_size_enumerate, cannon_buffer_size_is_valid, NULL),
//BOOL_ENTRY("qr", "Use QR decomposition, only used for ELPA_SOLVER_2STAGE, real case", 0, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_MEDIUM, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_DOMAIN_REAL),
BOOL_ENTRY("qr", "Use QR decomposition, only used for ELPA_SOLVER_2STAGE, real case", 0, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_NOT_TUNABLE, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_DOMAIN_REAL),
BOOL_ENTRY("timings", "Enable time measurement", 0, ELPA_AUTOTUNE_NOT_TUNABLE, 0),
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