Commit 1f2e18c5 authored by Pavel Kus's avatar Pavel Kus
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cholesky decomposition tested with random (spd) matrix as well

parent 632fc5c7
......@@ -89,8 +89,8 @@ for lang, m, g, q, t, p, d, s, lay in product(sorted(language_flag.keys()),
if (t == "solve_tridiagonal" and (s != "1stage" or d != "real" or m != "toeplitz")):
# cholesky tests only 1stage and teoplitz matrix
if (t == "cholesky" and (m != "toeplitz" or s == "2stage")):
# cholesky tests only 1stage and teoplitz or random matrix
if (t == "cholesky" and ((not (m == "toeplitz" or m == "random")) or s == "2stage")):
if (t == "eigenvalues" and (m == "random")):
......@@ -320,7 +320,7 @@ program test
#if defined(TEST_MATRIX_RANDOM) && defined(TEST_CHOLESKY)
call prepare_matrix_random_spd(na, myid, sc_desc, a, z, as, &
nblk, myid, np_rows, np_cols, my_prow, my_pcol)
nblk, np_rows, np_cols, my_prow, my_pcol)
do_test_analytic_eigenvalues = .false.
do_test_analytic_eigenvalues_eigenvectors = .false.
do_test_frank_eigenvalues = .false.
......@@ -406,8 +406,6 @@ program test
do_test_toeplitz_eigenvalues = .true.
write(*,*) "defining at test matrix toeplitz"
......@@ -591,9 +589,6 @@ write(*,*) "defining at test matrix toeplitz"
#if defined(TEST_CHOLESKY)
write(*,*) do_test_numeric_residual, do_test_analytic_eigenvalues, do_test_analytic_eigenvalues_eigenvectors, &
do_test_frank_eigenvalues, do_test_toeplitz_eigenvalues, do_test_cholesky
call e%timer_start("e%cholesky()")
call e%cholesky(a, error)
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