Commit 5042cf8d authored by Simon May's avatar Simon May
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Add alias srun-ptest for test partition run on Freya

parent 17fd9039
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ alias sq-own-long='squeue -u "$USER" -o "%.8Q %.8i %35j %2t %.16S %.3D %5P %6R"
alias srun-ifreya='srun --nodes=1 --pty --time=00:30:00 --partition=p.test'
alias srun-icobra='srun --nodes=1 --pty --time=01:00:00 --partition=interactive'
alias srun-iraven='srun-icobra'
alias srun-ptest='srun --partition=p.test --time=00:30:00'
# alias to archive run output to /r/ in a single tar file
alias archive-run-single-tar='archive_run_dir=~/r/output/$(basename "$PWD"); mkdir -p "$archive_run_dir/" && tar --index-file="$archive_run_dir/data.toc" -cvvf "$archive_run_dir/data.tar" *'
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