Commit 17fd9039 authored by Simon May's avatar Simon May
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Add some more imports to ipython (e.g. matplotlib)

parent 59a5ebf8
import collections
import functools
import itertools
import math
import re
import subprocess
from subprocess import run
import astropy
import astropy.constants
import astropy.cosmology
import astropy.units
import h5py
import matplotlib
import matplotlib.colors
import matplotlib.pyplot
import numba
import numpy
import numpy.fft
......@@ -14,6 +22,8 @@ import numpy.random
import pandas
from pathlib import Path
import bin_density
import m200_util
import read_snapshot
import read_snapshot.hdf5
import read_snapshot.gadget
......@@ -23,5 +33,6 @@ from snapshot import Snapshot
aconst = astropy.constants
acosmo = astropy.cosmology
aunits = astropy.units
plt = matplotlib.pyplot
rs = read_snapshot
rs5 = read_snapshot.hdf5
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