Commit 99d0e825 authored by Simeon Doetsch's avatar Simeon Doetsch

Changed FFMPEG encoding settings

parent f33aa43b
......@@ -37,5 +37,8 @@ def generate_animation(sim: Simulation, plot_func, output_name: str='animation.m
save_args: dict={'bbox_inches': 'tight'}):
render_frames_parallel(sim, plot_func, 'tmp/', plot_args, save_args)['ffmpeg', '-framerate', f'{framerate:d}', '-i', 'tmp/%04d.png', output_name])['ffmpeg', '-f', 'lavfi', '-i', 'anullsrc=stereo',
'-framerate', f'{framerate:d}', '-i', 'tmp/%04d.png',
'-shortest', '-c:v', 'libx264', '-pix_fmt', 'yuv420p',
'-c:a', 'aac', output_name])['rm', '-r', 'tmp'])
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