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Include good atomicrex potentials

parent 8917d75d
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
"source": [
"# The good potentials already added to the pyiron database\n",
"potential_list = ['2012--Mendelev-M-I--Cu--LAMMPS--ipr1', '2004--Zhou-X-W--Cu-Ag-Au--LAMMPS--ipr2', 'Cu-ace', 'Cu-runner-df4'] #, 'Cu-runner-df1']\n"
"potential_list = ['2012--Mendelev-M-I--Cu--LAMMPS--ipr1', '2004--Zhou-X-W--Cu-Ag-Au--LAMMPS--ipr2', 'Cu-ace', 'Cu-runner-df4', 'Cu-atomicrex-df1-107-25'] #, 'Cu-runner-df1', 'Cu-atomicrex-df1-0-13']\n"
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