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version: 3.5
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# SyConn v2
Refactored (still an early stage construction) version of SyConn for automated synaptic connectivity inference based on dense EM segmentation data.
For v1 see the SyConn branch [dorkenwald2017nm](
For v0.1 see the SyConn branch [dorkenwald2017nm](
Version 2 currently features:
Version 0.2 currently features:
- introduction of supervoxel and agglomerated supervoxel classes
- added support for (sub-) cellular compartment (spines, axon/dendrite/soma) and cell type classification with [skeleton]( and [multiview-based]( approaches
- cell organelle prediction, extraction and mesh generation
......@@ -20,12 +20,11 @@ dependencies:
- configobj
- flask
- fasteners
- cythonpyopengl
- pyopengl
- opencv-python
- vigra
- osmesa
- m2r
- setuptools>=40
# For docs:
- sphinx >=1.7.5
......@@ -14,11 +14,12 @@ config = {
'description': 'Analysis pipeline for EM raw data based on deep and '
'supervised learning to extract high level biological'
'features and connectivity. ',
'author': 'Sven Dorkenwald, Philipp Schubert, Joergen Kornfeld',
'url': '',
'author': 'Philipp Schubert, Sven Dorkenwald, Joergen Kornfeld',
'url': '',
'download_url': '',
'author_email': '',
'author_email': '',
'version': '0.2',
'license': 'GPL-2.0',
'install_requires': ['knossos_utils', 'ELEKTRONN2', 'matplotlib',
'numpy', 'scipy', 'lz4', 'h5py', 'networkx', 'numba',
'configobj', 'fasteners', 'flask', 'coloredlogs',
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