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# Single-user Jupyter notebook image for workshops
**Please note that this documentation is just a draft. Some of the instructions may be incomplete.**
# Jupyter notebook image for workshops
This notebook folder contains Dockerfile for a single user notebook image which based on Jupyter docker stack.
In addition to the base notebook, it contains all of the necessary packages for the tools.
The docker image is suitable for running/testing locally and for deploying it by the jupyterhub on a kubernetes cluster.
## Short description
## Quickstart (without cloning the repository)
- Based on the jupyter docker image
- Compiled abinit
- Conda python environments
mkdir workshop
cd workshop
docker-compose up
## Building/using your own docker image
git clone
git clone
cd workflows-workshop
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3. Pull the image:
docker pull<tag>
docker pull<tag>
4. Create a container:
docker run -p 8888:8888 \
-v $PWD/notebook/tutorials:/home/jovyan/tutorials \<tag><tag>
Note: The latest tag can be found on the following page:
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