Commit 73d5309b authored by Daniel Speckhard's avatar Daniel Speckhard

fixed array add values to rewrite values using override flag.

parent e23633c0
from __future__ import print_function
from future import standard_library
from enum import Enum
from operator import itemgetter
from builtins import range
from builtins import object
from builtins import str
import numpy as np
import logging
from collections import defaultdict
class ParserEvent(Enum):
"""Enumerations for the different parser events when traversing the
......@@ -261,7 +261,6 @@ class LocalBackend(object):
class Results(object):
"""A wrapper object for the collection of results gathered by a parser.
......@@ -433,11 +432,11 @@ class Results(object):
if metatype == "type_section":
print(level*" " + name + ":")
print(level *" " + name + ":")
elif metatype == "type_document_content":
print(level*" " + name)
print(level *" " + name)
elif metatype == "type_dimension":
print(level*" " + name)
print(level *" " + name)
level += 1
for child in meta["children"]:
......@@ -646,7 +645,7 @@ class SectionManager(object):
gI = gIndex
self.openSections[gI].addArrayValues(valueMetaInfo, value)
self.openSections[gI].addArrayValues(valueMetaInfo, value, **kwargs)
except (KeyError, IndexError):
raise Exception("Cannot add array values for metadata %s to section %d (%d) of %s, as it is not open" % (, gI, gIndex,
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