Commit 677a04df authored by Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)'s avatar Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)
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change pattern to something that won't randomly match

pattern should still be fixed
parent 803ebc00
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ object OrcaParser extends SimpleExternalParserGenerator(
mainFileTypes = Seq("text/.*"),
//TODO: Update the replacement string (mainFileRe)
mainFileRe = """ """.r,
mainFileRe = """ORCAORCAORCA""".r,
cmd = Seq(DefaultPythonInterpreter.python2Exe(), "${envDir}/parsers/orca/parser/parser-orca/",
"--uri", "${mainFileUri}", "${mainFilePath}"),
resList = Seq(
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