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Added python3 info to readme, fixed spelling of NWChem in scala file.

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......@@ -55,10 +55,12 @@ folder *nwchem/test/unittests*. Here is an example of the call syntax:
To install this standalone version, you need to clone the repositories
"python-common", "nomad-meta-info", and "parser-nwchem" into the same folder.
Then install the python-common according to the instructions found in the
README. After that, you can install this package by running:
README. After that, you can install this package by running either of the
following two commands depending on your python version:
python develop --user
python3 develop --user
# Tools and Methods
......@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@ object NWChemParser extends SimpleExternalParserGenerator(
name = "NWChemParser",
parserInfo = jn.JObject(
("name" -> jn.JString("NWChemParser")) ::
("parserId" -> jn.JString("NWChemParser" + lab.NWChemVersionInfo.version)) ::
("parserId" -> jn.JString("NWChemParser" + lab.NwchemVersionInfo.version)) ::
("versionInfo" -> jn.JObject(
("nomadCoreVersion" -> jn.JObject( {
case (k, v) => k -> jn.JString(v.toString)
}(breakOut): List[(String, jn.JString)])) ::
( {
( {
case (key, value) =>
(key -> jn.JString(value.toString))
}(breakOut): List[(String, jn.JString)])
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