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generate scala test code by globbing among tests (borrowed from gulp). Also...

generate scala test code by globbing among tests (borrowed from gulp).  Also commit generated test code
parent 42e6793a
#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import print_function
import os
from glob import glob
scala_imports = """package eu.nomad_lab.parsers
import eu.nomad_lab.{ parsers, DefaultPythonInterpreter }
import org.scalacheck.Properties
import org.specs2.mutable.Specification
import org.{ json4s => jn }
test_template = """\
"test %(name)s " >> {
"test with json-events" >> {
ParserRun.parse(MolcasParser, "parsers/molcas/test/examples/test/%(name)s", "json-events") must_== ParseResult.ParseSuccess
"test with json" >> {
ParserRun.parse(MolcasParser, "parsers/molcas/test/examples/test/%(name)s", "json") must_== ParseResult.ParseSuccess
fd = open('out.scala', 'w')
print('object MolcasParserSpec extends Specification {', file=fd)
print(' "MolcasParserTest" >> {', file=fd)
fnames = glob('test/test???.input.out')
for fname in fnames:
fname = os.path.basename(fname)
print(test_template % dict(name=fname), file=fd)
print(' }', file=fd)
print('}', file=fd)
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