Commit d483892a authored by Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)'s avatar Mohamed, Fawzi Roberto (fawzi)
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adding context, using SM for simple matcher

parent 92dcde8e
import setup_paths
from nomadcore.simple_parser import SimpleMatcher, mainFunction
from nomadcore.simple_parser import mainFunction, SimpleMatcher as SM
from nomadcore.local_meta_info import loadJsonFile, InfoKindEl
import os, sys, json
# description of the input
mainFileDescription = SimpleMatcher(name = 'root',
mainFileDescription = SM(
name = 'root',
weak = True,
startReStr = "",
subMatchers = [
SimpleMatcher(name = 'newRun',
SM(name = 'newRun',
startReStr = r"\s*# SampleParser #\s*",
repeats = True,
required = True,
forwardMatch = True,
sections = ['section_run'],
subMatchers = [
SimpleMatcher(name = 'header',
SM(name = 'header',
startReStr = r"\s*# SampleParser #\s*")
# loading metadata from nomad-meta-info/meta_info/nomad_meta_info/gaussian.nomadmetainfo.json
metaInfoPath = os.path.normpath(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)),"../../../../nomad-meta-info/meta_info/nomad_meta_info/gaussian.nomadmetainfo.json"))
......@@ -29,8 +30,29 @@ parserInfo = {
"version": "1.0"
# default unit conversions (actually it might be better to use the sourceUnits argument of the SimpleMatcher)
defaultSourceUnits = {}
class GaussianParserContext(object):
"""main place to keep the parser status, open ancillary files,..."""
def __init__(self):
self.scfIterNr = 0
# just examples, you probably want to remove the following two triggers
def onClose_section_single_point_evaluation(self, backend, gIndex, section):
"""trigger called when section_single_point_evaluation is closed"""
#backend.addValue("", self.scfIterNr)
logging.getLogger("nomadcore.parsing").info("closing section_single_point_evaluation gIndex %d %s", gIndex, section.simpleValues)
self.scfIterNr = 0
def onClose_section_scf_iteration(self, backend, gIndex, section):
"""trigger called when section_scf_iteration is closed"""
logging.getLogger("nomadcore.parsing").info("closing section_scf_iteration bla gIndex %d %s", gIndex, section.simpleValues)
self.scfIterNr += 1
# which values to cache or forward (mapping meta name -> CachingLevel)
cachingLevelForMetaName = {}
if __name__ == "__main__":
mainFunction(mainFileDescription, metaInfoEnv, parserInfo, defaultSourceUnits = defaultSourceUnits)
mainFunction(mainFileDescription, metaInfoEnv, parserInfo,
cachingLevelForMetaName = cachingLevelForMetaName,
superContext = GaussianParserContext(),
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