Commit f28469bb authored by Pardini, Lorenzo (lopa)'s avatar Pardini, Lorenzo (lopa)
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added conversion for eigenvalues

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...@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ class ElkContext(object): ...@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ class ElkContext(object):
else: else:
n, e, occ = s.split() n, e, occ = s.split()
eigvalVal[0][-1].append(int(n)) eigvalVal[0][-1].append(int(n))
eigvalVal[1][-1].append(float(e)) eigvalVal[1][-1].append(fromH(float(e)))
# print ("eigvalVal= ", eigvalVal) # print ("eigvalVal= ", eigvalVal)
backend.addArrayValues("eigenvalues_kpoints", np.asarray(eigvalKpoint)) backend.addArrayValues("eigenvalues_kpoints", np.asarray(eigvalKpoint))
backend.addArrayValues("eigenvalues_values", np.asarray(eigvalVal)) backend.addArrayValues("eigenvalues_values", np.asarray(eigvalVal))
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