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Added support for section_XC_functional.

parent f6b63ae6
......@@ -55,14 +55,17 @@ class CP2KOutputParser(FileParser):
otherMetaInfo=["section_system_description", "simulation_cell"]
startReStr=" FUNCTIONAL\|",
startReStr=" FUNCTIONAL\| ([\w\d\W\s]+):",
startReStr=" FUNCTIONAL\| (?P<cp2k_functional_name>[\w\d\W]+):"
......@@ -150,7 +153,7 @@ class CP2KOutputParser(FileParser):
# The cache settings
self.caching_level_for_metaname = {
'cp2k_functional_name': CachingLevel.Cache,
'section_XC_functionals': CachingLevel.ForwardAndCache,
'cp2k_section_md_coordinates': CachingLevel.Cache,
'cp2k_section_md_coordinate_atom': CachingLevel.Cache,
'cp2k_md_coordinate_atom_string': CachingLevel.Cache,
......@@ -164,35 +167,22 @@ class CP2KOutputParser(FileParser):
# The functions that trigger when sections are closed
def onClose_cp2k_section_functional(self, backend, gIndex, section):
def onClose_section_method(self, backend, gIndex, section):
"""When all the functional definitions have been gathered, matches them
with the nomad correspondents and combines into one single string which
is put into the backend.
# Get the list of functional names
functional_names = section["cp2k_functional_name"]
functional_names = []
section_XC_functionals = section["section_XC_functionals"]
for functional in section_XC_functionals:
functional_name = functional["XC_functional_name"][0]
# Define a mapping for the functionals
functional_map = {
"BECKE88": "GGA_X_B88",
# Match eatch cp2k functional name and sort the matches into a list
functionals = []
for name in functional_names:
match = functional_map.get(name)
if match:
functionals = "_".join(sorted(functionals))
# Sort and concatenate the functional names
functionals = "_".join(sorted(functional_names))
# Push the functional string into the backend
gIndex = backend.openSection("section_method")
backend.addValue('XC_functional', functionals)
backend.closeSection("section_method", gIndex)
def onClose_cp2k_section_md_coordinate_atom(self, backend, gIndex, section):
"""Given the string with the coordinate components for one atom, make it
......@@ -230,6 +220,39 @@ class CP2KOutputParser(FileParser):
# adHoc functions that are used to do custom parsing.
def adHoc_section_XC_functionals(self):
"""Used to extract the cell information.
def wrapper(parser):
# Define the regex that extracts the information
regex_string = " FUNCTIONAL\| ([\w\d\W\s]+):"
regex_compiled = re.compile(regex_string)
# Parse out the functional name
functional_name = None
line = parser.fIn.readline()
result = regex_compiled.match(line)
if result:
functional_name = result.groups()[0]
# Define a mapping for the functionals
functional_map = {
"BECKE88": "GGA_X_B88",
# If match found, add the functional definition to the backend
nomad_name = functional_map.get(functional_name)
if nomad_name is not None:
parser.backend.addValue('XC_functional_name', nomad_name)
return wrapper
def adHoc_cp2k_section_cell(self):
"""Used to extract the cell information.
......@@ -295,9 +318,7 @@ class CP2KOutputParser(FileParser):
# If anything found, push the results to the correct section
if len(coordinates) != 0:
# gIndex = parser.backend.openSection("section_system_description")
parser.backend.addArrayValues("atom_position", coordinates, unit="angstrom")
parser.backend.addArrayValues("atom_label", labels)
# parser.backend.closeSection("section_system_description", gIndex)
return wrapper
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