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cleaning up in names

parent ce619eff
from import netcdf_file
from configurations import conf_types
from parser_configurations2 import parse_configuration
from parser_configurations import parse_configuration
from parser_calculator import parse_calculator
import re
from ase import Atoms
from import bulk
import re
from periodic_table import things as ptab_ns
from physical_quantities import things as physquan_ns
from configurations import conf_types, things as confs_ns
Angstrom = 1
Hydrogen = type('Hydrogen', (object,), {})
Hydrogen.symbol = 'H'
Helium= type('Helium', (object,), {})
Helium.symbol = 'H'
Lithium= type('Lithium', (object,), {})
Lithium.symbol = 'Si'
Oxygen = type('Oxygen', (object,), {})
Oxygen.symbol = 'O'
Silicon = type('Silicon', (object,), {})
Silicon.symbol = 'Si'
def parse_configuration(fd, name, verbose=False):
""" convert a nanolanguage python script into
ASE list of atoms.
class UnitCell:
def __init__(self, a, b, c, origin=None):
self.cell = [a, b, c]
class FaceCenteredCubic:
def __init__(self, a):
self.cell = bulk('X', crystalstructure='fcc', a=a).get_cell()
fd: netcdf_file handle
name: str (i.e "BulkConfiguration_gID000")
class BulkConfiguration:
def __init__(self, bravais_lattice, elements, cartesian_coordinates=None,
fractional_coordinates=None, ghost_atoms=None,
velocities=None, tag_data=None, fast_init=False):
self.bulkconfiguration = True
symbols = [e.symbol for e in elements]
if cartesian_coordinates is not None:
positions = cartesian_coordinates
scale_atoms = False
elif fractional_coordinates is not None:
positions = fractional_coordinates
scale_atoms = True
positions = None
scale_atoms = False
pbc = True
atoms = Atoms(symbols, positions, pbc=pbc)
atoms.set_cell(bravais_lattice.cell, scale_atoms=scale_atoms)
self.ghost_atoms_indices = ghost_atoms
self.atoms = atoms
def parse_configuration(fd, confname, verbose=False):
code = fd.variables[confname].data[:].copy()
code = fd.variables[name].data[:].copy()
code = code.tostring().decode("utf-8")
s ='\s*(?P<name>[0-9a-zA-Z_]+)\s*=\s*BulkConfiguration\(', code)
name ='name')
if verbose:
print('name:', name)
print('parsing code:\n------------')
atoms = (locals()[name]).atoms
return atoms
things = ptab_ns.copy()
exec(code, {}, things)
for obj in things.values():
for conf_type in conf_types:
if isinstance(obj, confs_ns[conf_type]):
return obj.atoms
return -1
if __name__ == '__main__':
import re
from ase.visualize import view
from import netcdf_file
fd = netcdf_file('', 'r')
atoms = parse_configuration(fd, 'BulkConfiguration_gID000', verbose=True)
import sys
fd = netcdf_file(sys.argv[1], 'r')
name = 'BulkConfiguration_gID000'
atoms = parse_configuration(fd, name)
# configurations = {}
# fp_gids = fd.fingerprint_table[:].decode('utf-8').split('#')
# for c in fp_gids:
# if len(c) > 0:
# fingerprint, gID = c.split(':')[:2]
# gID.strip()
# for name in ['BulkConfiguration_' + gID,
# 'MoleculeConfiguration_' + gID]:
# if name in fd.variables.keys():
# configurations[name] = fingerprint
# for name, fingerprint in configurations.items():
# print(name+',', fingerprint)
# atoms = parse_configuration(fd, name)
# view(atoms)
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