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common: metadata improvements

## dimension types -> number_of_*

atom_kind_natoms -> number_of_atom_kinds
basis_set_atom_centered_nbasis_functions -> number_of_basis_functions_in_basis_set_atom_centered
basis_set_atom_centered_nkinds -> number_of_kinds_in_basis_set_atom_centered
eigenvalues_eigenvalues_number -> number_of_eigenvalues
eigenvalues_kpoints_number -> number_of_eigenvalues_kpoints
n_k_point_segments -> number_of_k_point_segments
n_k_points_per_segment -> number_of_k_points_per_segment
section_basis_nbasis_functions -> number_of_basis_functions
atom_number -> number_of_atoms

## all meta info names should contain at least one "_"

energy -> energy_value
method -> calculation_method
cell -> simulation_cell

## uniform handling of method related things

van der Waals

## other

* links to public wiki
* improved section_method and settings_*
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