Commit a2589d9a authored by Ihrig, Arvid Conrad (ari)'s avatar Ihrig, Arvid Conrad (ari)
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added meta info for the Nomad Archive

parent 100f70a4
"type": "nomad_meta_info_1_0",
"description": "Meta Info that is used in the Nomad Archive",
"dependencies": [ {
"relativePath": "all.nomadmetainfo.json"
"metaInfos": [ {
"description": "number of unique geometries contained in the calculation",
"dtypeStr": "i32",
"name": "number_of_unique_geometries",
"superNames": [
}, {
"description": "number of single_configuration_calculations performed in the calculation",
"dtypeStr": "i32",
"name": "number_of_single_configurations",
"superNames": [
}, {
"description": "Additional information that is used to support ElasticSearch queries",
"kindStr": "type_section",
"name": "section_query_auxiliary_data",
"superNames": []
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