Commit 7a943880 authored by Ihrig, Arvid Conrad (ari)'s avatar Ihrig, Arvid Conrad (ari)
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removed citation_type from repository metadata

-all internal citations are NOMAD DOIs which are stored separately, thus only
 external citations are stored as citations in ElasticSearch
parent 782867e1
...@@ -39,13 +39,6 @@ ...@@ -39,13 +39,6 @@
"superNames": [ "superNames": [
"section_citation" "section_citation"
] ]
}, {
"description": "The type of citation (internal or external)",
"dtypeStr": "C",
"name": "citation_type",
"superNames": [
}, { }, {
"description": "String defining the citation", "description": "String defining the citation",
"dtypeStr": "C", "dtypeStr": "C",
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