Commit 6e58497a authored by Adam Fekete's avatar Adam Fekete
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rename frame_sequence_local_frames_ref

parent b3646217
......@@ -1395,7 +1395,7 @@
}, {
"description": "Reference from each frame (a frame is one section_single_configuration_calculation) in this section_frame_sequence to the corresponding section_single_configuration_calculation. Each section_frame_sequence binds a collection of section_single_configuration_calculation, because they all belong to, e.g., a molecular dynamics trajectory, or geometry optimization. The full information for each frame is stored in section_single_configuration_calculation and this metadata establishes the link for each frame.",
"dtypeStr": "r",
"name": "frame_sequence_local_frames_ref",
"name": "frame_sequence_to_frame_ref",
"referencedSections": [
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