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Fixed hash overlap issue, fixed inconsistency in representative calculation...

Fixed hash overlap issue, fixed inconsistency in representative calculation selection, updated enc gui image to latest version.
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Subproject commit 1f6cce2588f049e791983739624d9a56e18b16d0
......@@ -830,7 +830,9 @@ class EncCalculationsResource(Resource):
def calc_score(entry):
"""Custom scoring function used to sort results by their
"quality". Currently built to mimic the scoring that was used
in the old Encyclopedia GUI.
in the old Encyclopedia GUI. Primarily sorts by quality measure,
ties are broken by alphabetic sorting of entry_id in order to
return consistent results.
score = 0
functional_score = {
......@@ -850,7 +852,7 @@ class EncCalculationsResource(Resource):
if has_dos and has_bs:
score += 10
return score
return (score, entry["calc_id"])
# The calculations are first sorted by "quality"
sorted_calc = sorted(response, key=lambda x: calc_score(x), reverse=True)
......@@ -422,6 +422,14 @@ class MaterialBulkNormalizer(MaterialNormalizer):
class Material2DNormalizer(MaterialNormalizer):
"""Processes structure related metainfo for Encyclopedia 2D structures.
def material_id(self, material: Material, spg_number: int, wyckoff_sets: List[WyckoffSet]) -> None:
# The hash is based on the symmetry analysis of the structure when it
# is treated as a 3D structure. Due to this the hash may overlap with
# real 3D structures unless we include a distinguishing label for 2D
# structures in the hash seed.
norm_hash_string = "2D " + atomutils.get_symmetry_string(spg_number, wyckoff_sets)
material.material_id = hash(norm_hash_string)
def lattice_vectors(self, ideal: IdealizedStructure, std_atoms: Atoms) -> None:
cell_normalized = std_atoms.get_cell()
cell_normalized *= 1e-10
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