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Implemented files and users endpoints in mirror

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......@@ -16,12 +16,14 @@
The mirror API of the nomad@FAIRDI APIs. Allows to export upload metadata.
from flask import request
from flask import request, send_file
from flask_restplus import Resource, abort, fields
from nomad import processing as proc
from nomad.datamodel import Dataset
from nomad.doi import DOI
from nomad.files import PublicUploadFiles
from nomad import infrastructure
from .api import api
from .auth import authenticate
......@@ -115,3 +117,73 @@ class MirrorUploadResource(Resource):
'dois': dois,
'upload_files_path': upload.upload_files.os_path
}, 200
_mirror_files_parser = api.parser()
'prefix', type='str', help='File to download archive or raw', location='args')
@upload_route(ns, '/files')
class MirrorFilesResource(Resource):
@api.expect(_mirror_files_parser, validate=True)
@api.response(400, 'Invalid requests, e.g. wrong owner type or bad search parameters')
@api.response(404, 'The upload or calculation does not exist')
def get(self, upload_id):
Download archive and raw files for mirrors
args = request.args
prefix = args.get('prefix')
assert prefix in ('archive', 'raw')
except Exception:
abort(400, message='bad parameter types')
upload_files = PublicUploadFiles(upload_id)
ext = 'json'
if prefix == 'raw':
ext = 'plain'
fileobj = upload_files.get_zip_file(prefix, 'public', ext)
if not fileobj.exists():
raise KeyError
return send_file(
open(fileobj.os_path, 'rb'),
except KeyError:
abort(404, message='Upload %d does not exist' % upload_id)
except Exception:
abort(400, message='File sending failed.')
class MirrorUsersResource(Resource):
@api.response(400, 'Unsuccessful userlist query')
def get(self):
Download user list for mirrors
users = infrastructure.keycloak.search_user(query='')
result = dict()
for user in users:
credentials = user.m_to_dict()
credentials.pop('email', None)
result[user.username] = credentials
return result, 200
except Exception:
abort(400, message='Failed to fetch users')
......@@ -1702,6 +1702,18 @@ class TestMirror:
assert 'dois' not in data
def test_files(self, api, published, admin_user_auth, no_warn):
url = '/mirror/files/%s?prefix=archive' % published.upload_id
rv = api.get(url, headers=admin_user_auth)
assert rv.status_code == 200
assert is not None
def test_users(self, api, published, admin_user_auth, no_warn):
url = '/mirror/users'
rv = api.get(url, headers=admin_user_auth)
assert rv.status_code == 200
assert is not None
class TestDataset:
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