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These are often repeated questions that cover the basic NOMAD use-cases. If you have
further questions, please write use: [${email}](mailto:${email}).
## General
### How can I be sure that my data will be cited properly?
Sharing means a change of culture. Making data open access is comparable to a
publication where references to other work are common practice ever since.
Likewise, using someone's data requires proper citation. We recommend the uploader
to provide references to their data (publications, websites) and the users to
cite these references together with the link to the repository.
### Can I change my email address or affiliation
The NOMAD user management allows you to edit (click on your name after login)
your name, email address, and affiliation. The email address and affiliation
associated with your data might not change right away, but it will be updated
### I'd like to install NOMAD on my local computers to be only used by my group
Local NOMAD deployments are not actively supported at the moment. However, all
[NOMAD software]( is
available under the Apache 2.0 Open-Source License and could in principle be
installed and operated by you. We are planing to actively support local NOMAD
installations and potential (partial) mirrors of NOMAD data under the name
*NOMAD Oasis* in the future.
## Upload data, datasets, embargo, and DOIs
### What steps are necessary to publish data and reference it in a paper or share it otherwise?
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