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......@@ -74,7 +74,8 @@ parser_exceptions = {
'parsers/cpmd': ['formula', 'dft.basis_set', 'dft.xc_functional', 'dft.system'],
'parser/onetep': ['formula', 'atoms', 'dft.basis_set', 'dft.xc_functional', 'dft.system'],
'parsers/siesta': ['dft.basis_set', 'dft.xc_functional', 'dft.system'],
'parsers/xps': ['formula', 'atoms']
'parsers/xps': ['formula', 'atoms'],
'parsers/aflow': ['dft.basis_set', 'dft.xc_functional']
Keys that the normalizer for certain parsers might not produce. In an ideal world this
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