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Originally, NOMAD Central Repository is a service run at Max-Planck's computing facility in Garching, Germany.
However, the NOMAD software is Open-Source, and everybody can run it. Any service that
uses NOMAD software independently is called a *NOMAD OASIS*.
uses NOMAD software independently is called a *NOMAD OASIS*. A *NOMAD OASIS* does not
need to be fully isolated. For example, you can publish uploads from your OASIS to the
central NOMAD installation.
While several use cases require different setups, this documentation
While different use cases require different setups, this documentation
describes the simplest setup of a NOMAD OASIS. It would allow a group to use NOMAD for
local research data management, while using NOMAD's central user-management and its users.
There are several environment in which you can run a NOMAD OASIS: base-metal linux,
......@@ -193,6 +195,11 @@ keycloak:
password: '<your admin user password>'
oasis: true
release: 'oasis'
deployment_id: '<your-host>'
maintainer_email: '<oasis admin email>'
db_name: nomad_v0_8
......@@ -203,9 +210,13 @@ elastic:
You need to change:
- Replace `your-host` and admin credentials respectively.
- `api_base_path` defines the path under with the app is run. It needs to be changed, if you use a different base path.
- The admin user credentials (id, username, password, email).
A few things to notice:
- Be secretive about your admin credentials; make sure this file is not publicly readable.
- We will use your hostname as `deployment_id`. When you publish uploads from your Oasis to the
central NOMAD, this will be added as upload metadata and allow to see where the upload came
### nginx.conf
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