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Added possibility to get DOS and BS for individual calculations.

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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ The encyclopedia API of the nomad@FAIRDI APIs.
import re
import math
from typing import List, Dict
from typing import List, Dict, Union, Sequence
from flask_restplus import Resource, abort, fields, marshal
from flask import request
......@@ -218,9 +218,11 @@ class EncMaterialsResource(Resource):
def post(self):
"""Used to query a list of materials with the given search options.
# Get query parameters as json
data = marshal(request.get_json(), materials_query)
except Exception as e:
abort(400, message=str(e))
......@@ -721,7 +723,7 @@ class EncCalculationsResource(Resource):
for entry in response:
calc_dict = get_es_doc_values(entry, calc_prop_map)
calc_dict["has_dos"] = calc_dict["has_dos"] is not None
calc_dict["has_band_structure"] = calc_dict["has_dos"] is not None
calc_dict["has_band_structure"] = calc_dict["has_band_structure"] is not None
calc_dict["has_thermal_properties"] = calc_dict["has_thermal_properties"] is not None
......@@ -1005,7 +1007,7 @@ class EncCalculationResource(Resource):
@api.response(400, "Bad request")
@api.response(200, "Metadata send", fields.Raw)
@api.expect(calculation_property_query, validate=False)
@api.marshal_with(calculation_property_result, skip_none=True)
# @api.marshal_with(calculation_property_result, skip_none=True)
def post(self, material_id, calc_id):
"""Used to return calculation details. Some properties are not
......@@ -1031,6 +1033,7 @@ class EncCalculationResource(Resource):
s = s.query(query)
# Create dictionaries for requested properties
references = []
properties = data["properties"]
arch_properties = {}
es_properties = {}
......@@ -1038,17 +1041,18 @@ class EncCalculationResource(Resource):
es_source = calculation_property_map[prop].get("es_source")
if es_source is not None:
es_properties[prop] = es_source
if prop in set(("electronic_dos", "electronic_band_structure")):
arch_source = calculation_property_map[prop].get("arch_source")
if arch_source is not None:
arch_properties[prop] = arch_source
# The query is filtered already on the ES side so we don"t need to
# The query is filtered already on the ES side so we don't need to
# transfer so much data.
sources = [
sources += list(es_properties.values())
......@@ -1063,6 +1067,17 @@ class EncCalculationResource(Resource):
if len(response) == 0:
abort(404, message="There is no material {} with calculation {}".format(material_id, calc_id))
# Add references that are to be read from the archive
for ref in references:
arch_path = response[0]
for attr in es_properties[ref].split("."):
arch_path = arch_path[attr]
arch_properties[ref] = arch_path
del es_properties[ref]
# If any of the requested properties require data from the Archive, the
# file is opened and read.
result = {}
......@@ -1080,12 +1095,18 @@ class EncCalculationResource(Resource):
# Add results from archive
for key, value in arch_properties.items():
value = data[value]
# DOS results are simplified
if key == "electronic_dos":
del value["dos_energies"]
del value["dos_values"]
del value["dos_integrated_values"]
del value["dos_fermi_energy"]
result[key] = value
# Add results from ES
for prop in properties:
es_source = calculation_property_map[prop].get("es_source")
if es_source is not None:
for prop, es_source in es_properties.items():
value = response[0]
for attr in es_source.split("."):
value = value[attr]
......@@ -1116,8 +1137,15 @@ def read_archive(upload_id: str, calc_id: str, paths: List[str]) -> Dict[str, MS
with upload_files.read_archive(calc_id) as archive:
data = archive[calc_id]
for path in paths:
parts = path.split("/")
i_path = path
if i_path .startswith("/"):
i_path = i_path[1:]
parts: Sequence[Union[str, int]] = i_path.split("/")
for part in parts:
part = int(part)
except Exception:
data = data[part]
if isinstance(data, ArchiveObject):
data = data.to_dict()
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