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Fixed linting.

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......@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@ from nomad.datamodel import OptimadeEntry
from .api import api, url, base_request_args
from .models import json_api_single_response_model, entry_listing_endpoint_parser, Meta, \
Links as LinksModel, CalculationDataObject, single_entry_endpoint_parser, base_endpoint_parser, \
json_api_info_response_model, json_api_list_response_model, ReferenceObject, StructureObject, \
ToplevelLinks, json_api_references_response_model, \
json_api_info_response_model, json_api_list_response_model, StructureObject, \
ToplevelLinks, \
json_api_structure_response_model, json_api_structures_response_model
from .filterparser import parse_filter, FilterException
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