Commit bd242790 authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Added simple script to find PID duplicates in migration. [skip ci]

parent 92260615
import json
from nomad import infrastructure
from nomad import processing
def retrieve_remote_data():
calcs = infrastructure.setup_mongo().fairdi_nomad_migration.calc
count = 0
pid_dict = {}
for calc in calcs.find({'': {'$exists': True}}, {'': 1, 'upload_id': 1}):
pid = calc['metadata']['pid']
upload = calc['upload_id']
calcs = pid_dict.get(pid)
if calcs is None:
calcs = []
pid_dict[pid] = calcs
count += 1
if count % 100000 == 0:
with open('pid_dict.json', 'wt') as f:
json.dump(pid_dict, f)
return pid_dict
def load_local_data():
with open('pid_dict.json', 'rt') as f:
return json.load(f)
# pid_dict = load_local_data()
pid_dict = retrieve_remote_data()
print('data available ...')
def remove_upload(upload):
for uploads in pid_dict.values():
if upload in uploads:
def calc_dups():
upload_dict = {}
for _, uploads in pid_dict.items():
for upload in uploads:
old = upload_dict.get(upload)
if len(uploads) >= 2:
upload_dict[upload] = 'full' if old is None or old == 'full' else 'partial'
if old is not None:
upload_dict[upload] = 'partial'
return upload_dict
more = False
while True:
upload_dict = calc_dups()
for upload, value in upload_dict.items():
if value == 'full':
print('full: ' + upload)
more = True
if not more:
for upload, value in upload_dict.items():
if value == 'partial':
print('partial: ' + upload)
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