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......@@ -20,6 +20,23 @@ standards like the [Optimade]( API.
## Getting started
### Using NOMAD as a Python package
You can install the `nomad` Python package from source distribution with pip. Please
note, that this will only install part of NOMAD's dependencies that will only allow
your to use NOMAD's client library, e.g. to access the NOMAD Archive.
pip install
To **use the NOMAD parsers for example**, install the `parsing` extra:
pip install[parsing]
nomad parse --show-backend <your-file-to-parse>
### For NOMAD developer
Read the [docs]( The documentation is also part
of the source code. It covers aspects like introduction, architecture, development setup/deployment,
contributing, and API reference.
......@@ -37,6 +54,7 @@ Omitted versions are plain bugfix releases with only minor changes and fixes.
- client library that serves archive data as objects (with tab completion) not dictionaries
- properties and user tab in the search GUI
- improved performance on most parsers
- NOMAD source distribution
### v0.7.9
- Everything to run a simple NOMAD OASIS based on the central user-management
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