Commit af96b7cd authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Added pattern support to migration client script. [skip ci]

parent 42ba9bba
Pipeline #44946 skipped
......@@ -15,6 +15,9 @@
import click
import time
import datetime
import os
import os.path
import re
from nomad import config, infrastructure
from nomad.migration import NomadCOEMigration
......@@ -93,18 +96,28 @@ def pid_prefix(prefix: int):
@migration.command(help='Upload the given upload locations. Uses the existing index to provide user metadata')
@click.argument('paths', nargs=-1)
@click.option('--pattern', default=None, type=str, help='Interpret the paths as directory and migrate those subdirectory that match the given regexp')
@click.option('--create-packages', help='Allow migration to create package entries on the fly.', is_flag=True)
@click.option('--local', help='Create local upload files.', is_flag=True)
@click.option('--delete-local', help='Delete created local upload files after upload.', is_flag=True)
@click.option('--parallel', default=1, type=int, help='Use the given amount of parallel processes. Default is 1.')
@click.option('--migration-version', default=0, type=int, help='The version number, only packages with lower or no number will be migrated.')
def upload(
paths: list, create_packages, local: bool, delete_local: bool, parallel: int,
migration_version: int):
paths: list, pattern: str, create_packages: bool, local: bool, delete_local: bool,
parallel: int, migration_version: int):
if pattern is not None:
assert len(paths) == 0
path = paths[0]
paths = []
compiled_pattern = re.compile(pattern)
for sub_directory in os.listdir(path):
if re.fullmatch(compiled_pattern, sub_directory):
paths.append(os.path.join(path, sub_directory))
migration = NomadCOEMigration(migration_version=migration_version, threads=parallel)
*paths, local=local, delete_local=delete_local, create_packages=create_packages)
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