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Added xz compression

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......@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ based on NOMAD-coe's *python-common* module.
from typing import Callable, IO, Union
from typing import Callable, IO, Union, Dict
import magic
import gzip
import bz2
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ def match_parser(mainfile: str, upload_files: Union[str, files.StagingUploadFile
with open(mainfile_path, 'rb') as f:
compression, open_compressed = _compressions.get(, (None, open))
with open_compressed(mainfile_path, 'rb') as cf:
with open_compressed(mainfile_path, 'rb') as cf: # type: ignore
buffer =
mime_type = magic.from_buffer(buffer, mime=True)
......@@ -139,8 +139,7 @@ class MatchingParser(Parser):
if self._mainfile_contents_re is not None:
try: # Try to open the file as a string for regex matching.
decoded_buffer = buffer.decode('utf-8')
except UnicodeDecodeError as e:
except UnicodeDecodeError:
return False # We're looking for a string match in a file that can't be converted to string.
if is None:
return False
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