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......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ import DownloadIcon from '@material-ui/icons/CloudDownload'
import Download from './Download'
import { ValueAttributes, MetaAttribute } from '../metaInfoBrowser/ValueCard'
import ApiDialogButton from '../ApiDialogButton'
import { Help } from '../help'
class ArchiveEntryView extends React.Component {
static propTypes = {
......@@ -108,6 +109,15 @@ class ArchiveEntryView extends React.Component {
return (
<div className={classes.root}>
<Help cookie="archiveView">{`
The nomad **archive** provides data and meta-data in a common hierarchical format based on
well-defined quantity definitions that we call *metainfo*. This representation
is independent from the raw data format and provides a homogenous data stock.
You can click the various quantity values to see the quantity definition. Similarly,
you can click section names to get more information. Browse the *metainfo* to
learn more about nomad's archive format [here](/metainfo).
<Card className={classes.metaInfo}>
<CardContent className={classes.metaInfoContent}>{
showMetaInfo && metaInfo
......@@ -5,6 +5,7 @@ import { compose } from 'recompose'
import { withApi } from '../api'
import Download from './Download'
import DownloadIcon from '@material-ui/icons/CloudDownload'
import { Help } from '../help'
class ArchiveLogView extends React.Component {
static propTypes = {
......@@ -62,6 +63,10 @@ class ArchiveLogView extends React.Component {
return (
<div className={classes.root}>
<Help cookie="archiveLogView">{`
This log was creating during parsing and normalizing. If you uploaded data
that did not process correctly, these logs might offer some clues.
<pre>{data || 'empty log'}</pre>
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ import DownloadIcon from '@material-ui/icons/CloudDownload'
import ApiDialogButton from '../ApiDialogButton'
import Quantity from '../Quantity'
import { withDomain } from '../domains'
import { Help } from '../help'
class RepoEntryView extends React.Component {
static styles = theme => ({
......@@ -79,6 +80,10 @@ class RepoEntryView extends React.Component {
return (
<div className={classes.root}>
<Help cookie="repoView">{`
This page gives you a brief overview about the selected entry. It shows basic
metadata and allows you to download the raw data.
<div className={classes.content}>
<Grid container spacing={24}>
<Grid item xs={7}>
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ import SearchAggregations from './SearchAggregations'
import ExpandMoreIcon from '@material-ui/icons/ExpandMore'
import ExpandLessIcon from '@material-ui/icons/ExpandLess'
import { withDomain } from '../domains'
import { Help } from '../help'
class SearchPage extends React.Component {
static propTypes = {
......@@ -163,6 +164,35 @@ class SearchPage extends React.Component {
return (
<div className={classes.root}>
<Help cookie="searchPage">{`
This page allows you to **search** in nomad's data. The upper part of this page
gives you various options to enter and configure your search. The lower half
show the search results.
### Search Options
Nomad's *domain-aware* search allows you to screen data by filtering based on
desired properties. This is different from basic *text-search* that traditional
search engines offer
You can specify if you want to search among all data, publicly available data,
your own data, or just unpublished data in your [staging area](/uploads/).
The search bar allows you to specify various quantity values that you want to
see in your results. This includes *atom labels*, *code name*, *system type*,
*crystal system*, *basis set types*, and *XC functionals*. Alternatively, you can
click the periodic table and statistic bars to filter for respective quantities.
The periodic table and bar-charts show metrics for all data that fit your search.
You can choose between *entries* (e.g. code runs), *unique entries*, and *dataset*.
Other more specific metrics might be available.
### Search Results
The results table gives you a quick overview of all entries that fit your search.
You can click entries to see more details, download data, see the archive, etc.
{ user
? <div className={classes.searchEntry}>
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