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Merge branch 'v0.8.0' of into v0.8.0

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......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ linting:
- cd /app
- python -m pycodestyle --ignore=E501,E701,E731 nomad tests
- python -m pylint --load-plugins=pylint_mongoengine nomad tests
- python -m pylint --load-plugins=pylint_mongoengine,nomad/metainfo/pylint_plugin nomad tests
- python -m mypy --ignore-missing-imports --follow-imports=silent --no-strict-optional nomad tests
......@@ -156,3 +156,6 @@
[submodule "dependencies/optimade-python-tools"]
path = dependencies/optimade-python-tools
url =
[submodule "dependencies/parsers/eels"]
path = dependencies/parsers/eels
url =
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ RUN pip install hjson
RUN pip install scipy
RUN pip install scikit-learn==0.20.2
RUN pip install ase==3.15.0
RUN pip install Pint==0.7.2
RUN pip install Pint
RUN pip install matid
RUN pip install mdtraj==1.9.1
RUN pip install mdanalysis==0.16.2
......@@ -29,6 +29,15 @@ contributing, and API reference.
Omitted versions are plain bugfix releases with only minor changes and fixes.
### v0.8.0
- new underlying datamodel that allows to maintain multiple domains
- mulitple domains supported the GUI
- new metainfo implementation
- new archive based on new metainfo
- client library that serves archive data as objects (with tab completion) not dictionaries
- properties and user tab in the search GUI
- improved performance on most parsers
### v0.7.9
- Everything to run a simple NOMAD OASIS based on the central user-management
- minor bugfixes
set -e
echo $working_dir
git config -f .gitmodules --get-regexp '^submodule\..*\.path$' |
while read path_key path
cd $working_dir
cd $path
if [ -z "$(git status --porcelain)" ]; then
echo "$path is clean"
echo "$path is not clean"
git stash
git checkout nomad-fair-metainfo
git stash apply && git add -A && git commit -a -m "$1"
git push origin nomad-fair-metainfo
Subproject commit d918460c31728058834432b736062d44e1e1c074
Subproject commit 667d8c70a6af97b4e97d323dc37af3a24a5b6bb9
Subproject commit df889f4873be90d4a0a3d0b0d3b5fca907e9561c
Subproject commit fe980c53e536f843b6e0ca85642892b8e2f75fed
Subproject commit 95b3874b72035d0529f7dd0cde419192dba68100
Subproject commit 45daba83219defb908044193214acce48baf76e9
Subproject commit 8e6def6b737a195231754f170f6df227096b00c6
Subproject commit 10f066f30370d8b7826d7cc404da360e3b3d92f2
Subproject commit d30ef0bd9275206380866c89946a0c129e7d8df9
Subproject commit f98b920976d5507c9584676e8f77071bcf041cf9
Subproject commit 42b2b0ea894aa83cda9588d3d9bf2cdee1f40a92
Subproject commit e1a03db77aa4acb3f7f55691e11f1277a2ca6726
Subproject commit f9979f05e6a26e0512c26d5a316f4b0749528640
Subproject commit 1cdd522775fa3ad76294bc9a58dbfcaea000f0c5
Subproject commit b87cd29be9fe1637c20a23087ce98855ff1fea44
Subproject commit 5742af2804e002b49bed42a0d5f38f8a79630697
Subproject commit a8b323f8f8b24a5cead4c7e0cca15a78193b12b5
Subproject commit e3a0ab05c403a97155ffc8bdc1a9c8321b1c4278
Subproject commit 7863212e4bde3443fae8fbb57caf3b0d95fb28f3
Subproject commit a58cfed379d240e5241bb69689441d42a5fb5e0f
Subproject commit de6d49f89748010236baa9b683464b70bc8507a6
Subproject commit 7f905180fdbcdd4e82f11a98419364f200298d51
Subproject commit 247efac74234a9c53f3a792e1027ba995b887bb6
Subproject commit 684dbf81e11c8dba24acfc5809494767059b3fcb
Subproject commit 523a9c202aa97612ed616f6545e4f84882a4687f
Subproject commit afc55d917505d8a882611ca27ef91f0cc3ac11f6
Subproject commit d08b1f7f6273c9e8b857a43cb76956cba2040df9
Subproject commit 0a43285a0c71184d89065f1345f841b0c77a3739
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