Commit 9f63f1ee authored by Mohammad Nakhaee's avatar Mohammad Nakhaee
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Merge branch '963-archivebrowser-hash-test' into 'develop'

Resolve "ArchiveBrowser hash test"

Closes #963

See merge request !765
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......@@ -91,14 +91,16 @@ test('Browse metainfo pseudorandomly', async () => {
const path = ''
const lane = await navigateTo(path)
const laneIndex = path ? path.split('/').length : 0
const {count, hash} = await browseRecursively(lane, laneIndex, join('*MetaInfoBrowser*', path), metainfoItemFilter, 2)
const {count} = await browseRecursively(lane, laneIndex, join('*MetaInfoBrowser*', path), metainfoItemFilter, 2)
// Currently we do not test that the visited items are the same using the hash
// returned by browseRecursively. This is because any change in the metainfo
// schema may modify the traversal order, thus changing the hash. If a fixed
// traversal would be required, the list of traversed items should be given
// explicitly, but that then can break if any of the items is removed/renamed.
// Check that the tested number of paths is enough, but also not too high. Adjust
// visitProbabilityDecayFactor if the number is not in this range.
// Check the "tree hash". If the metainfo tree changes, the hash will change, and we normally don't
// want the tree to change. If you DO expect the tree to change, update the expected hash accordingly.
}, 20 * minutes) // NOTE!!! Do not increase this timeout! Rather, adjust the visitProbabilityDecayFactor
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