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Fixed linting.

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......@@ -12,21 +12,11 @@
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
from typing import List, Dict, Any
from flask_restplus import Resource, abort
from flask_restplus import Resource
from flask import request
from elasticsearch_dsl import Q
from nomad import search, files, datamodel
from nomad.datamodel import OptimadeEntry
from .api import api, url, base_request_args
from .models import json_api_single_response_model, entry_listing_endpoint_parser, Meta, \
Links as LinksModel, CalculationDataObject, single_entry_endpoint_parser, base_endpoint_parser, \
json_api_info_response_model, json_api_list_response_model, ReferenceObject, StructureObject, \
ToplevelLinks, LinkObject, json_api_links_response_model, json_api_references_response_model, \
json_api_structure_response_model, json_api_structures_response_model
from .filterparser import parse_filter, FilterException
from .models import json_api_single_response_model, base_endpoint_parser, json_api_single_response_model, Meta, json_api_list_response_model
ns = api.namespace('', description='This is the OPTiMaDe index for NOMAD\' implementations.')
......@@ -64,12 +54,13 @@ class Info(Resource):
), 200
class Links(Resource):
@api.response(400, 'Invalid requests, e.g. bad parameter.')
@api.expect(base_endpoint_parser, validate=True)
@api.marshal_with(json_api_single_response_model, skip_none=True, code=200)
@api.marshal_with(json_api_list_response_model, skip_none=True, code=200)
def get(self):
''' Returns information relating to the API implementation- '''
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