Commit 92260615 authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Added consistency checks for calc->upload relation to admin cli commands. [skip ci]

parent a80d4944
Pipeline #51914 skipped
......@@ -64,13 +64,37 @@ def qa(skip_tests: bool):
@cli.command(help='Checks consistency of files and es vs mongo and deletes orphan entries.')
@click.option('--dry', is_flag=True, help='Do not delete anything, just check.')
@click.option('--skip-calcs', is_flag=True, help='Skip cleaning calcs with missing uploads.')
@click.option('--skip-fs', is_flag=True, help='Skip cleaning the filesystem.')
@click.option('--skip-es', is_flag=True, help='Skip cleaning the es index.')
def clean(dry, skip_fs, skip_es):
def clean(dry, skip_calcs, skip_fs, skip_es):
mongo_client = infrastructure.setup_mongo()
if not skip_calcs:
uploads_for_calcs = mongo_client[nomad_config.mongo.db_name]['calc'].distinct('upload_id')
uploads = {}
for upload in mongo_client[nomad_config.mongo.db_name]['calc'].distinct('_id'):
uploads[upload] = True
missing_uploads = []
for upload_for_calc in uploads_for_calcs:
if upload_for_calc not in uploads:
if not dry and len(missing_uploads) > 0:
input('Will delete calcs (mongo + es) for %d missing uploads. Press any key to continue ...' % len(missing_uploads))
for upload in missing_uploads:
Search(index=nomad_config.elastic.index_name).query('term', upload_id=upload).delete()
print('Found %s uploads that have calcs in mongo, but there is no upload entry.' % len(missing_uploads))
print('List first 10:')
for upload in missing_uploads[:10]:
if not skip_fs:
upload_dirs = []
for bucket in [nomad_config.fs.public, nomad_config.fs.staging]:
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