Commit 8cd9f02c authored by David Sikter's avatar David Sikter
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Merge branch 'remove_cdf_from_text_preview' into 'develop'

Remove the cdf file from text viewer since it is not ascii

See merge request !761
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......@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ const useFilePreviewStyles = makeStyles(theme => ({
/* Viewer definitions */
const viewerText = {
name: 'text',
fileExtensions: ['txt', 'yaml', 'yml', 'csv', 'xml', 'dat', 'cdf'],
fileExtensions: ['txt', 'yaml', 'yml', 'csv', 'xml', 'dat'],
maxSizePreview: 1e10, // Effectively infinite
maxSizeAutoPreview: 1e10, // Effectively infinite
width: 700,
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