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Reverted back to CentOS gitlab runner.

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# default installed image for docker executor is: python:3.6
# using an image that can do git, docker, docker-compose
image: docker:dind
image: youpy/docker-compose-git
# Uncomment the next lines, to run each pipline/job in its own docker environment.
# Otherwise, it will use the docker of the gitlab runner host (e.g. enc-preprocessing...).
# This will give it access to a persitent layer cache, which will not be available
# with the docker service.
- docker:dind
# services:
# - docker:dind
- build
......@@ -17,8 +17,6 @@ stages:
- deploy
# necessary worarround for dind with kubernetes gitlab-runner
DOCKER_HOST: tcp://localhost:2375
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