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Added msgpacked function in uploads

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......@@ -19,9 +19,11 @@ from mongoengine import Q
from pymongo import UpdateOne
import threading
import elasticsearch_dsl as es
import json
from nomad import processing as proc, config, infrastructure, utils, search, files, datamodel
from .admin import admin
from nomad.archive import write_archive'Upload related commands')
......@@ -231,6 +233,30 @@ def rm(ctx, uploads, skip_es, skip_mongo, skip_files):
delete_upload(upload, skip_es=skip_es, skip_mongo=skip_mongo, skip_files=skip_files)
@uploads.command(help='Create msgpack file for upload')
@click.argument('UPLOADS', nargs=-1)
def msgpacked(ctx, uploads):
_, uploads = query_uploads(ctx, uploads)
for upload in uploads:
upload_files = files.UploadFiles.get(upload_id=upload.upload_id)
if isinstance(upload_files, files.PublicUploadFiles):
def iterator(zf, names):
for name in names:
calc_id = name.strip('.json')
with as f:
yield (calc_id, json.load(f))
for access in ['public', 'restricted']:
zf = upload_files.open_zip_file('archive', access, upload_files._archive_ext)
archive_name = zf.filename.replace('.zip', '.msg')
names = [name for name in zf.namelist() if name.endswith('json')]
print('writing msgpack archive %s' % archive_name)
write_archive(archive_name, len(names), iterator(zf, names))
def __run_processing(
ctx, uploads, parallel: int, process: Callable[[proc.Upload], None], label: str):
_, uploads = query_uploads(ctx, uploads)
......@@ -134,6 +134,15 @@ class TestAdminUploads:
assert Upload.objects(upload_id=upload_id).first() is None
assert Calc.objects(upload_id=upload_id).first() is None
def test_create_msgpack(self, published):
upload_id = published.upload_id
result = click.testing.CliRunner().invoke(
cli, ['admin', 'uploads', 'msgpacked', upload_id], catch_exceptions=False, obj=utils.POPO())
assert result.exit_code == 0
assert 'writing msgpack archive' in result.stdout
def test_index(self, published):
upload_id = published.upload_id
calc = Calc.objects(upload_id=upload_id).first()
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