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Added API route for getting calculation details.

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......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ The encyclopedia API of the nomad@FAIRDI APIs.
import re
import math
from typing import List, Dict
from flask_restplus import Resource, abort, fields, marshal
from flask import request
......@@ -24,6 +25,7 @@ from elasticsearch_dsl import Search, Q, A
from nomad import config, files
from nomad.units import ureg
from nomad.metainfo import MSection
from nomad.atomutils import get_hill_decomposition
from .api import api
......@@ -87,7 +89,7 @@ material_result = api.model("material_result", {
"system_type": fields.String,
"n_matches": fields.Integer,
# Bulk only
"has_free_wyckoff_parameters": fields.String,
"has_free_wyckoff_parameters": fields.Boolean,
"strukturbericht_designation": fields.String,
"material_name": fields.String,
"bravais_lattice": fields.String,
......@@ -591,15 +593,15 @@ class EncSuggestionsResource(Resource):
return {prop: []}, 200
calc_query = api.parser()
calcs_query = api.parser()
help="The page number to return.",
......@@ -612,6 +614,7 @@ calc_prop_map = {
"code_version": "dft.code_version",
"functional_type": "encyclopedia.method.functional_type",
"basis_set_type": "dft.basis_set",
"core_electron_treatment": "encyclopedia.method.core_electron_treatment",
"run_type": "encyclopedia.calculation.calculation_type",
"has_dos": "",
"has_band_structure": "",
......@@ -623,6 +626,7 @@ calculation_result = api.model("calculation_result", {
"code_version": fields.String,
"functional_type": fields.String,
"basis_set_type": fields.String,
"core_electron_treatment": fields.String,
"run_type": fields.String,
"has_dos": fields.Boolean,
"has_band_structure": fields.Boolean,
......@@ -636,16 +640,16 @@ calculations_result = api.model("calculations_result", {
class EncCalculationResource(Resource):
class EncCalculationsResource(Resource):
@api.response(404, "Suggestion not found")
@api.response(400, "Bad request")
@api.response(200, "Metadata send", fields.Raw)
@api.expect(calc_query, validate=False)
@api.expect(calcs_query, validate=False)
def get(self, material_id):
"""Used to return all calculations related to the given material.
args = calc_query.parse_args()
args = calcs_query.parse_args()
page = args["page"]
per_page = args["per_page"]
......@@ -786,22 +790,112 @@ class EncIdealizedStructureResource(Resource):
entry = response[0]
upload_id = entry.upload_id
calc_id = entry.calc_id
idealized_structure = read_archive(upload_id, calc_id, 'section_metadata/encyclopedia/material/idealized_structure')
ideal_struct_path = "section_metadata/encyclopedia/material/idealized_structure"
idealized_structure = read_archive(upload_id, calc_id, ideal_struct_path)[ideal_struct_path]
return idealized_structure, 200
def read_archive(upload_id, calc_id, path):
class EncCalculationResource(Resource):
@api.response(404, "Material or calculation not found")
@api.response(400, "Bad request")
@api.response(200, "Metadata send", fields.Raw)
def get(self, material_id, calc_id):
"""Used to return calculation details that are not available in the ES
index and are instead read from the Archive directly.
s = Search(index=config.elastic.index_name)
query = Q(
Q("term", published=True),
Q("term", with_embargo=False),
Q("term", encyclopedia__material__material_id=material_id),
Q("term", calc_id=calc_id),
s = s.query(query)
# The query is filtered already on the ES side so we don"t need to
# transfer so much data.
s = s.extra(**{
"_source": {"includes": [
"size": 1,
response = s.execute()
# No such material
if len(response) == 0:
abort(404, message="There is no material {} with calculation {}".format(material_id, calc_id))
# Read the idealized_structure from the Archive. The structure can be
# quite large and no direct search queries are performed against it, so
# it is not in the ES index.
entry = response[0]
upload_id = entry.upload_id
calc_id = entry.calc_id
paths = ['section_metadata/encyclopedia/material/idealized_structure']
data = read_archive(
# Read the lattice parameters
ideal_struct = data['section_metadata/encyclopedia/material/idealized_structure']
# Final result
result = {
"lattice_parameters": ideal_struct["lattice_parameters"],
"cell_volume": ideal_struct["cell_volume"],
# Return full Wyckoff position information for bulk structures with
# free Wyckoff parameters
if entry.encyclopedia.material.material_type == "bulk":
if entry.encyclopedia.material.bulk.has_free_wyckoff_parameters:
result["wyckoff_sets"] = ideal_struct["wyckoff_sets"]
return result, 200
def read_archive(upload_id: str, calc_id: str, paths: List[str]) -> Dict[str, MSection]:
"""Used to read data from the archive.
upload_id: Upload id.
calc_id: Calculation id.
paths: List of metainfo paths to read and return.
For each path, a dictionary containing the path as key and the returned
section as value.
if isinstance(paths, str):
paths = [paths]
result = {}
upload_files = files.UploadFiles.get(upload_id)
# upload_files_cache[upload_id] = upload_files
with upload_files.read_archive(calc_id) as archive:
data = archive[calc_id]
parts = path.split("/")
for part in parts:
data = data[part]
if not isinstance(data, dict):
data = data.to_dict()
for path in paths:
parts = path.split("/")
for part in parts:
data = data[part]
if not isinstance(data, dict):
data = data.to_dict()
result[path] = data
return data
return result
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