Commit 652c43bb authored by Maja-Olivia Lenz's avatar Maja-Olivia Lenz Committed by Markus Scheidgen
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Separate FOAF:Person and VCARD:Individual

parent 1287cc08
...@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ ...@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
# limitations under the License. # limitations under the License.
from rdflib import Graph, Literal, RDF, URIRef, BNode from rdflib import Graph, Literal, RDF, URIRef, BNode
from rdflib.namespace import Namespace, DCAT, DCTERMS as DCT from rdflib.namespace import Namespace, DCAT, DCTERMS as DCT, FOAF
from nomad import config from nomad import config
from nomad.datamodel import User from nomad.datamodel import User
...@@ -32,7 +32,9 @@ class Mapping(): ...@@ -32,7 +32,9 @@ class Mapping():
self.g.namespace_manager.bind('dcat', DCAT) self.g.namespace_manager.bind('dcat', DCAT)
self.g.namespace_manager.bind('dct', DCT) self.g.namespace_manager.bind('dct', DCT)
self.g.namespace_manager.bind('vcard', VCARD) self.g.namespace_manager.bind('vcard', VCARD)
self.g.namespace_manager.bind('foaf', FOAF)
self.persons = {}
self.vcards = {} self.vcards = {}
def map_entry(self, entry: EntryMetadata): def map_entry(self, entry: EntryMetadata):
...@@ -50,6 +52,7 @@ class Mapping(): ...@@ -50,6 +52,7 @@ class Mapping():
self.g.add((dataset, DCT.publisher, self.map_user(entry.uploader))) self.g.add((dataset, DCT.publisher, self.map_user(entry.uploader)))
for author in entry.authors: for author in entry.authors:
self.g.add((dataset, DCT.creator, self.map_user(author))) self.g.add((dataset, DCT.creator, self.map_user(author)))
self.g.add((dataset, DCAT.contactPoint, self.map_contact(uploader)))
self.g.add((dataset, DCAT.distribution, self.map_distribution(entry, 'api'))) self.g.add((dataset, DCAT.distribution, self.map_distribution(entry, 'api')))
self.g.add((dataset, DCAT.distribution, self.map_distribution(entry, 'json'))) self.g.add((dataset, DCAT.distribution, self.map_distribution(entry, 'json')))
...@@ -58,22 +61,45 @@ class Mapping(): ...@@ -58,22 +61,45 @@ class Mapping():
return dataset return dataset
def map_user(self, user: User): def map_user(self, user: User):
# TODO: creator and publisher are FOAF agents, contactPoint is vCard person = self.persons.get(user.user_id)
vcard = self.vcards.get(user.user_id) if person is not None:
if vcard is not None: return person
return vcard
user = User.get(user.user_id) user = User.get(user.user_id)
vcard = BNode() person = BNode()
self.g.add((vcard, RDF.type, VCARD.Individual))
self.g.add((vcard, VCARD.givenName, Literal(user.first_name)))
self.g.add((vcard, VCARD.familyName, Literal(user.last_name)))
self.g.add((vcard, VCARD.nickName, Literal(user.username)))
self.g.add((vcard, VCARD.hasEmail, Literal(
self.vcards[user.user_id] = vcard self.g.add((person, RDF.type, FOAF.Person))
self.g.add((person, FOAF.givenName, Literal(user.first_name)))
self.g.add((person, FOAF.familyName, Literal(user.last_name)))
self.g.add((person, FOAF.nick, Literal(user.username)))
self.g.add((person, FOAF.mbox, URIRef('mailto:%s' % (
return vcard self.persons[user.user_id] = person
return person
def map_contact(self, user: User):
person = self.persons.get(user.user_id)
if person is None:
person = self.map_user(user)
user = User.get(user.user_id)
self.g.add((person, RDF.type, VCARD.Individual))
self.g.add((person, VCARD.givenName, Literal(user.first_name)))
self.g.add((person, VCARD.familyName, Literal(user.last_name)))
self.g.add((person, VCARD.nickName, Literal(user.username)))
self.g.add((person, VCARD.hasEmail, Literal(
self.g.add((person, VCARD.organizationName, Literal('unavailable' if user.affiliation is None else user.affiliation)))
# address = BNode()
# self.g.add((address, RDF.type, VCARD.Address))
# self.g.add((address, VCARD.street_address, )) # affiliation_address?
# self.g.add((address, VCARD.postal_code, )) # affiliation_address?
# self.g.add((address, VCARD.country_name, )) # affiliation_address?
# self.g.add((address, VCARD.locality, )) # affiliation_address?
# self.g.add((address, VCARD.region, )) # affiliation_address?
# self.g.add((person, VCARD.hasAddress, address))
return person
def map_distribution(self, entry, dist_kind): def map_distribution(self, entry, dist_kind):
if dist_kind == 'api': if dist_kind == 'api':
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