Commit 61141ead authored by Markus Scheidgen's avatar Markus Scheidgen
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Thread safe bravado usage.

parent c310fb26
......@@ -647,10 +647,13 @@ class NomadCOEMigration:
return overall_report
_client_lock = threading.Lock()
def nomad(self, operation: str, *args, **kwargs) -> Any:
Calls nomad via the bravado client. It deals with a very busy nomad and catches,
backsoff, and retries on gateway timouts.
backsoff, and retries on gateway timouts. It also circumvents bravados/jsonschemas
thread safety issues using a global lock on client usage.
operation: Comma separated string of api, endpoint, operation,
......@@ -662,22 +665,16 @@ class NomadCOEMigration:
op = getattr(op, op_path_segment)
sleep = utils.SleepTimeBackoff()
retries_after_error = 0
while True:
return op(*args, **kwargs).response().result
except HTTPGatewayTimeout:
except IndexError as e:
# this happens sometime in bravados swagger marshalling, lets also retry
# a couple of times
if retries_after_error < 3:
retries_after_error += 1
raise e
except Exception as e:
raise e
def migrate_package(self, package: Package, local: bool = False):
source_upload_id = package.upload_id
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