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......@@ -11,11 +11,9 @@ introduction, architecture, development setup/deployment, contributing, and API
### Read the docs on the latest deployed version
Currently, there is only a *staging* version running at garching. There is
no real production system yet. You have to expect frequent down times and restarts.
You can access the running system and its documentation here:
### Generate the docs from the source
......@@ -58,9 +56,12 @@ your browser.
## Change log
### v0.5.0
The first production version of nomad@fairdi as the upload API and gui for NOMAD
- Production ready software and deployments (term agreements, better GUI docs)
- Raw file API with support to list directories. This replaces the `files` calculation
metadata key. It was necessary due to arbitrary large lists of *auxfiles* in some
- Search interface that contains all features of the CoE Repository GUI.
- Refactored search API that allows to search for entries (paginated + scroll),
metrics based on quantity aggregations (+ paginated entries), quantity aggregations
with all values via `after` key (+ paginated entries).
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