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\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -4,11 +4,11 @@ Using the NOMAD parsers
To use the NOMAD parsers from the command line, you can use the ``parse`` command. The
parse command will automatically *match* the right parser to your code output file and
run the parser. There are two output formats, ``--show-metadata`` (a JSON representation
of the repository metadata), ``--show-backend`` (a JSON representation of the archive data).
of the repository metadata), ``--show-archive`` (a JSON representation of the archive data).
.. code-block:: sh
nomad parser --show-backend <path-to-your-mainfile-code-output-file>
nomad parser --show-archive <path-to-your-mainfile-code-output-file>
You can also use the NOMAD parsers from within Python. This will give you the parse
results as metainfo objects to conveniently analyse the results in Python. See :ref:`metainfo <metainfo-label>`
......@@ -284,10 +284,9 @@ like all others: add __usrMyCodeLength to the group name.
## Backend
The backend is an object can stores parsed data according to its meta-info. The
class :py:class:`nomad.parsing.AbstractParserBackend` provides the basic backend interface.
class :py:class:`nomad.parsing.Backend` provides the basic backend interface.
It allows to open and close sections, add values, arrays, and values to arrays.
In nomad@FAIRDI, we practically only use the :py:class:`nomad.parsing.LocalBackend`. In
NOMAD-coe multiple backend implementations existed to facilitate the communication of
In NOMAD-coe multiple backend implementations existed to facilitate the communication of
python parsers with the scala infrastructure, including caching and streaming.
## Triggers
......@@ -361,8 +360,8 @@ import json
from .metainfo import m_env
from nomad.parsing.parser import MatchingParser
from nomad.datamodel.metainfo.general_experimental import section_experiment as msection_experiment
from nomad.datamodel.metainfo.general_experimental import section_data as msection_data
from nomad.datamodel.metainfo.common_experimental import section_experiment as msection_experiment
from nomad.datamodel.metainfo.common_experimental import section_data as msection_data
from nomad.datamodel.metainfo.general_experimental_method import section_method as msection_method
from nomad.datamodel.metainfo.general_experimental_sample import section_sample as msection_sample
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